Execution Task

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. Successful Project Management: PLAN, EXECUTE, EVALUATE Sounds simple, but most projects aren’t well planned nor are they evaluated well. The tendency is to jump right into execution and as soon as execution is completed (which usually isn’t soon), move on to the next project without evaluating what happen on the present project and what could have been improved. Successful project management requires more front and back end resources than are usually allocated


About illwill404

Determination says the least about ILL WILL, with heartfelt lyrics, and a desire to explode onto the HIP HOP scene with his fluent word play and song writing skills. Ill Wills persona is the definition of Nu Age but his hustle is enormously “ole school”. Often being compared to the top tier MC’s in the industry for his ability to display power and soul in his delivery. ILL WILL gives a sense of confident word play with his ability to breeze over tracks. The fluent sound and the laid back approach brings a reminiscent sensation of early 90’s Hip Hop with a new cutting edge. Surrounded by music, Will’s mother and elder sister were both band members. From their great influences, Will began performing and writing songs as a child. Originally attached to a group, Will had the dream and desire to make it as a solo artist. Without fear Will started out on his solo career. Not only has he proven that he can stand alone but ILL WILL has rocked his fans and peers across the globe, accomplishing any and everything he wanted in his lyrics and musical tracks. He is influenced by all genres of music such as Tom Petty, Jimmy Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac and Janice Joplin, to 2PAC, Biggie, MC Shan, OutKast, Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Jackson and many other artists. “I write what I feel and I write about what I’ve been through.” Will says. After the death of a close friend ILL WILL fueled his fire, having even more reason to hustle harder towards his goal. Grinding and pushing forward ILL WILL began on his journey, recording in George Paletoni’s studio with Chris Boyd. Laying down nothing but magnificent tracks in the studio, building on the foundation by adding momentum to the already hungry ILL WILL. He made his way through the industry allowing his demo to speak for itself.Providing great song after song ILL WILL is without a doubt up next.
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